The reasons for setting the fault code P1349 OBDII are. The available amount of engine oil may not be enough. The Camshaft Position Sensor connectors or wiring may be damaged. The Camshaft Position Sensor circuit may have bad connections, causing an open or short circuit. The CMP sensor may be defective. Possible solutions of the DTC code P1349. I had a P1349 and the flickering oil light on a 00 Corolla. Turns out Toyota's VVT uses oil control valves and sensors heavily reliant on oil pressure to set timing. Any fouling/varnish/sludge will cause problems. An oil change with M1 HM 5w-30 has that CEL and oil light out permanently without touching anything. In some Chrysler vehicles, the <b>code</b> P0135 can be caused. Lexus LS 430 Dyno-Boost fuel controller is designed to maximize the performance level potential of your stock engine. Blow those sluggish stock settings away with this Magnum Lexus LS 430 fuel management chip. Even on souped-up motorcycles, our Lexus LS 430 fuel management chip adds serious horsepower to your daily- or race riding.. "/>.

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